Inside the Fujikawa Maru wreck

The more you know about each Truk Lagoon wreck, the more you will get out of your liveaboard holiday. Today, we are exploring an iconic wreck: the Fujikawa Maru. Quick facts LENGTH 132 meters GROSS TONNAGE 6938 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 34 meters DEPTH MAIN DECK 18 meters DEPTH AT SHALLOWEST POINT 9 meters ACCESSIBILITY […]

Sand Artist: Sand Bubbler Crab

The sand artist

While on you are enjoying your diving holidays on one of our liveaboards, the crew will take you, at some point, to a beautiful white sandy beach. Once you set foot on it, pay attention! You may notice hundreds of tiny balls next to a hole. These tiny footballs are the work of art of […]

Cooperative hunting: groupers and moray eels

Moray eel in the Galapagos

Cooperative hunting is well known among some terrestrial animals (lions), birds (Aplomado falcons), marine mammals (bottlenose dolphins), and humans. However, cooperative hunting amongst different species is extremely rare . The main reason of course, is that different species often do not communicate well between themselves, let alone outside their species. That is apart from humans. […]

The Marine Imaginary

Old map and marine imaginary

Have you ever wondered why scuba diving is attractive to you? It’s said that diving reminds us of the time when we were the womb. However, as with everything, there are many possible explanations. We present you an alternative theory: the marine imaginary The fantasy of the underwater world is ever present. From a young age, […]

Chuuk vs. Truk. What’s in a name?

Truk Lagoon by Lena Kavander

Many people find the different names of Truk and Chuuk confusing, so in this article we will try to clear the waters once and for all. Chuuk Lagoon, also known as Truk Lagoon, is a sheltered body of water in the central Pacific. The lagoon lies at about 1,800 kilometres north-east of New Guinea and […]

Spawning dives – what are they all about?

New moon spawning with bumphaed

You may often hear the term spawning dives. This type of diving happens at a very particular time and place but makes for some of the most amazing dives you may ever have. So let’s dive in and learn all about the spawning dives! What is spawning? Many types of marine organisms have a reproductive […]

Dive Hollywood in The Bahamas

Hollywood in The Bahamas

Dive Hollywood in The Bahamas you say? That sounds weird, no? Well, over 35 movies have been filmed, at least partly, in the Bahamas. So diving in The Bahamas gives us all the opportunity to dive backstage! When we say Bahamas , what are the first words that come to your mind? We bet you […]

The recompression chamber in Honiara

Honiara recompression chamber door

Update December 2022: Since this article was published, the chamber in Honiara has been damaged beyond repair. While efforts are being made to source and fund a replacement chamber, the nearest recompression chamber for treating suspected DCI cases is in Brisbane, Australia. “You Bend ‘Em, We Mend ‘Em” A common question from guests on any […]

7 Nights in the Galapagos. A trip report.

Pennys Galapagos Blog

The most common itinerary for guests in these times of pandemic is 7 nights in Galapagos. But what is the trip really like for a customer? Many many moons ago, Penny Yim-Barbieri worked for a previous incarnation of Master Liveaboards. She enjoyed it so much, she continues to get aboard our vessels to this day […]

Scuba Diving: How Big is My Tank?

Dive Deck on Pacific Master

Everyone who is diving on a liveaboard with Master Liveaboards has done an open water course. If not open water then something similar. Most divers onboard will also have done at least one extra diving course, if not more. So we all know the answer to the basic question of how big our tank is, […]