Everything about Bikini Atoll

Bikini Island

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about diving in Bikini Atoll so you are clued up during your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity visiting the nuclear fleet. Here is the why, what, who, where, when and how. The WHY We often get asked why Bikini Atoll is so special, other than being one […]

A Year of Master Liveaboards

Master Liveaboards Brand Pitch

Master Liveaboards, as we know it, is celebrating its first year of existence on the 17th February. But how did a company that started with a tiny little Indonesian boat get to where we are? Well, It’s been, shall we say, an interesting year. A year that we will not really be sad to leave […]

Entering Thailand with the Thailand Pass

Thailand Pass Arrival

Master Liveaboards has two boats operating in Thailand. The country has enjoyed relatively low COVID numbers and was tentative to open but now allows quarantine free reentry for many travellers. But how how easy is it entering Thailand with the Thailand Pass?* *Note that this article was written in December 2021. Test and go was […]

Book Online with Master Liveaboards

Computer at beach to book online

Why not book online with Master Liveaboards? Today, we tend to do everything online. If you think about it; you shop online, you order food online, you commute online, you work online, and you book holidays online. It has become the norm to book your flight tickets and hotels through the supplier websites or consolidator […]

Why do we do a muster drill onboard?

Life jackets pile used during muster drill

Safety onboard our vessels for our crew and guests is paramount to us at Master Liveaboards. On any Master Liveaboards cruise you join, you will be asked to do a muster drill at the start of your trip. While this may be seen as a hilarious photo opportunity, it’s begs a question. Why do we […]

Flywire payments with Master Liveaboards

Flywire Payments with Master Liveaboards

In order to help all of our clients, we have partnered with Flywire. This relationship will facilitate easy cross currency and international payments. All at the click of a button. But what are Flywire Payments? Who and what is Flywire? Flywire is a Boston based ‘global payments enablement and software company, on a mission to […]